Vintage Fishing Tackle

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Large Skin Mounted Brown Trout by Malloch of Perth. TX0008. Sold.

Here we have a Skin Mounted Brown Trout Mounted by PD Malloch of Perth ,The label reads Killed by Capt W Scott Watson on Loch Boarlan , Altnacealgach with Fly , 4th June 1909 also has a Label for PD Malloch , Naturalist , Perth ,. The fish is about 8 Lbs , The Case Measures 34"x14"by4" Deep,and is a picture farme case with five sides of glass,Both Case and Fish are in Good Condition.  Sold.

Large Vintage Carved Wood and Painted Salmon Trophy. TX0007.

Here we have a Large Vintage Carved Wooden Salmon Trophy , Painted and Mounted on a Blue Back Board with Oak Frame , The Fish is 44 Inch Long and 11 Inch in Depth , The Frame is 53 Inch Long and 22 Inch High ,  The Mounted Fish is in Very Good Condition , The Frame is in Good Condition , Back Board has a Crack on it , (See Photo) Priced at 1695.00  Email me for anymore info or photos.

W F Homer Cased Roach TX0006

Here we have a Taxidermy Model of a Roach , in a Naturalistic Setting , Cased by W F Homer , Forest Gate London , The Case has "Caught by A Harding , Buildwas , Jan 1936" in Gold Writing ,The Fish is 1 lbs 12 oz in Weight ,  The Fish is in a Bowfront Case , The Case is 31.5 cm High by 53 cm Wide , The Homer Label is in the Top Left Hand Corner of the Case , There is a Label on the Back of the Case with the Following  A Harding , Roach 1 lbs 12 oz Tyseley W M C , Section No1. Priced at 675.00.

W F Homer Roach TX0006

Homer Label and Label on Back of Case.

Cast of a 23Lbs Salmon on Wooden Board Sold.

Here we have a Cast of a 23Lbs Salmon on a Wooden Board , The Fish is 38 Inches Long , The Board is 43 Inches long and 14 High , I Think the cast is Fibreglass , The Board has the Following Details on it --- Taken On The Fly  , Ballathie On The Tay  ,  By F Wilson  , 23Lbs.  The Cast and Board are in Very Good Condition. Sold.

Very Rare Malloch Skin Mounted Rainbow Trout TX0003

This is a very Rare Skin Mount Rainbow Trout Mounted by PD Malloch of Perth around 1915ish,The label reads Rainbow Trout Blagdon Reservoir Somersetshire G.F. Hart. The fish is about 4 1/2 Lbs and was one of the first strain to be introduced to the UK,as Blagdon was the first to do so in 1906, The Case Measures 26"x12"by4" Deep,and is a picture farme case with five sides of glass,Both Case and Fish are in Excellent Condition. Priced at 750.00.


Cased Cast of British Record Sea Trout TX0001 Sold.

       Here we have a stunning example of the British Record Sea Trout, this cast was done by G Jamieson from Edinburgh, this cast is an excellent example of his work, the fish was caught on the river leven in scotland,The writing at the bottom of case reads British Record Sea Trout,Weight 22lbs8oz , Lenth 36 1/2 ",Girth 21 3/4 "  Caught on River Leven by Mr S Burgoyne 22nd July 1989.and signed G Jamieson, also written on top of the case is Le Sport Alexandria , this is the shop where it was on display until the shop closed,The case measures 48" x 18" by 7" deep,and is a picture frame case with five sides of clear perspex ,fish and case are in excellent condition. SOLD.     Please e-mail for further information and photos.